The curtain and room divider system.

nolastar® has various functions: as a curtain, as wall panelling, as a room divider or as a transparent accent element in rooms large and small. With multi-functional variations nolastar® dictates no rules allowing for individual assemblage in different heights, widths and colors.
nolastar® is a building block system that invites creativity. nolastar® is a true quick-change artist that bathes the window and room with light and color even on the gloomiest day.
The basic module of nolastar® is a 0.75mm strong P.E.T or wood panel in a 193 x 193 mm format. The small squares with rounded corners have holes on all four sides through which they are easily connected with metal rings.
Forming spineless columns, which can be hung in conventional curtain tracks, nolastar® creates a mobile room element, and when necessary can easily be folded together and pushed to the side.